Learning is improving – but how?

Currently I teach English which means I meet many different people daily, they are my clever and admirable students. They all have what it takes to learn the language, or not, but after some adjustments they will get a hang of it. As you might know learning languages can be very hard and you simply need to do it if you are not a native English speaker. What I experienced with them was that they tried to learn this many times, but then failed to do it. I think there are three key components for success in this case or any other for that matter:

  1. Be open-minded
  2. Have humility
  3. Perseverance


Be open-minded. Easier said than done, right? We all think we are open-minded and then comes a ‘but’. Being open-minded means you are willing to consider new things, skills and ways of thinking without prejudging them. There are some easy ways you can practice daily, so you won’t fall for routine that easily like:

  • Be honest: you can admit there are many things you don’t know, which is good or life would be boring.
  • Challenge your thoughts: we always think of something, it is alright, but most of the times our thoughts are automatic messages from beliefs, past experiences, our family or society. But it is you who decide what to think of, whether you believe these automated messages and run your life accordingly or you challenge them whenever you catch them surface ‘why did I think this now?’. It is very hard to do, but again practice helps a lot. After all our thoughts create our feelings that lead to actions – it wasn’t me who said that but much cleverer people like Brooke Castillo, T. Harv Eker.
  • Seek the new: try new things, food, sports, meet new people, travel abroad if possible and widen your view. The last one is really important since only people can really challenge your beliefs besides you never know who you will meet.

All these things are intending to get you out of your comfort zone. Real improvement starts only when you leave your secure space and routine. Don’t go too far from it though, just little by little is enough.

Have humility. Google says it is the quality of having a modest or low view of one’s importance. We don’t want to do it, do we? Let’s rephrase it in this content it means acknowledging we don’t know everything but are willing to learn.

Perseverance. That means you keep doing your thing no matter what. There can be difficulties or delays, but you just do your things without giving up or turning back. It is really important to see that when you just want to quit, because you had enough or it is too tiring, but you see the goal, it is actually almost within arm’s reach, this is the time you really shouldn’t. When it comes to learning or working hard for a promotion, just keep at it and push it more.

It happened to me many times, even now as I write this I know I wanted to quit yesterday and the day before, but I didn’t, because what I learnt from my family is this grit your teeth and finish what you started. Seems cruel, right? But worth it. When you feel the situation is getting harder remind you of your motivation, if it is really something you want from the bottom of your heart then you can do it.

Find your motivation. Go for it. Don’t give up. Succeed.

Thank you for reading my post. If you have some thoughts in this topic or would like to share your ideas, experiences, please send me a message.

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