No more snooze & those damn mornings

CROPPEDtime-3435879_1920_Image by Icons8_team from Pixabay
Image by Icons8_team from Pixabay

Have you ever, especially nowadays, felt that it is hard to get up. Not just to wake up, but it is not so easy to get up in time. If you belong to the same group as me who likes to hit the snooze button on the phone several times then this might be worth to read.

To start a new project, create our dream life or just head off to our next big adventure, it is important to get up first in the morning.
Here is a video on how to start our days powerfully which is even more important nowadays when we are confined physically at home, but it doesn’t mean our minds should be closed as well.

Morning routine

How to create the most incredible day? What if every day could be uncredible? How would that day look for you? As we live day after day, we always make decisions about letting negative impacts effect our days, but it happens in our own mind.
  1. Create a morning routine: this puts you in control of your day
  2. Wake up on time: when the alarm goes off, get out of bed. This shows you are bigger than your excuses. This is the first decision of the day to get up and moving.
  3. Before you open your emails, Facebook newsfeed or use any other applications or electric gadgets, figure out your two priorities for the day that matter to you. It is related to persistence.
  4. Affirm your vision and the person you want to become everyday – don’t say it like “I’m trying”, “I wish”, “I want”, instead say “I am”. However be careful If you say “I am lonely”, “I am frustrated”, “I am tired”, in turn you will feel more of these feelings and thoughts, but what if you put your focus on those things you want to reach or want to become? Like “I am awake”, “I am ready for the day”, “I am making the most of it”.
  5. You are constantly evolving, at the end of that day you are not the same person who got out of the same bed in the morning. You can have an insight, a revelation, you maybe tried something new, so you have become more of yourself. Questions that can help?
    1. How can I grow? 
    2. What can I give? 
    3. What can I celebrate? 
  6. Success is a journey not a destination, so live in the moment and enjoy it.
    1. Be in the moment. 
    2. Live for today. 
    3. Be excited where you are at. 
    4. Make the most of it.
New plans, new routines. We can very well consider this as the first step to make our goals, dreams come true. My new morning routine started to form already in January, and no, I didn’t have any New Years’ resolutions, but when I found this video my morning process got much better. And as always there is still room for improvement. 😉

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